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The Nurtured Mama

Enrich your pregnancy & postpartum!

Imagine having the support and guidance of qualified providers trained in lactation, nutrition, pelvic floor therapy and infant development throughout your pregnancy, as you prepare to meet your baby and throughout the initial weeks of postpartum... all while staying comfy and cozy at home. (yes, please!)


We're talking live virtual calls, text & video support when you have questions or concerns, PLUS therapist-led programs to enrich your prenatal and postpartum journey, reduce stress, save you time and facilitate your healing and recovery.

cue....The Nurtured Mama. 

A thoughtfully curated virtual program for moms during pregnancy and postpartum. It's exactly what we (a small group of practitioners and moms) wish we had and want to provide for you.

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Caring for your baby begins with caring for yourself.

Your Maternal Wellness Team

We believe moms can feel their best and have even better pregnancy and postpartum outcomes when they receive support that emphasizes prevention and is easily accessible. 

Reading in Bed

Some features to get excited about:



Bimonthly Virtual Calls (2x/month)

Virtual calls to answer questions, address concerns, provide support, and make adjustments to your prenatal or postpartum program. 


Breastfeeding support

Receive access to your prenatal breastfeeding course to help reduce stress and achieve a smoother transition into your breastfeeding journey.


Nutrition support

You'll be guided on exactly how to nourish your body during the postpartum period, experience better mental, physical and emotional health, and prevent many of the common but not normal symptoms that new moms experience..


24/7 Access to our private community

Have a question that can't wait til our next call? We get it! That's why you'll also be able to shoot us a message anytime, via our community, and connect with the other moms.


Pelvic floor support

Receive access to your prenatal and postpartum programs to improve your physical and mental health, prepare for labor and delivery, support your body in healing during postpartum, and help prevent or address the common symptoms of pelvic floor imbalances.


Infant development

Understand how to support your baby's development, sleep, bonding, and attainment of milestones.

Say no more,

The Nurtured Mama program
 for you if:


You'd love the support of a multidisciplinary maternal health team without having to schedule multiple appointments at multiple locations.


You want to feel empowered, supported and validated during this transition in your life.


You'd like to prepare your mind & body for labor, delivery, and postpartum and by having a support team in place.


You'd love to have the opportunity to go through this stage of motherhood alongside a small group of other moms for a more validating and supportive experience.


The thought of gaining more support and guidance without having to sacrifice so much more of your time and energy puts your mind at ease. 

Are you ready to be nurtured, mama? 

Join the community. Your future self will thank you.

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