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A list of products I have personally used or recommend for moms.

Disclaimer: these are affiliate links. 

A must have, IMO. The best way to soothe and protect your nipples. Wear between breastfeeding sessions.

Pop these in the fridge for a cooling effect and apply between breastfeeding sessions.

A simple way to collect breastmilk you may leak during or between feedings without contributing to an oversupply. Place without suction.

A great option for collecting, storing, and feeding your baby colostrum if you want or need to supplement.

Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 9.06.35 AM.png

Provides a gradual nipple slope which helps achieve a better latch and help prevent against bottle/nipple confusion. Other brands I recommend: Lansinoh & Evenflo Balance.

Screen Shot 2023-06-04 at 9.10.11 AM.png

Promotes the proper sucking technique needed to support feeding and development.

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