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My Story

Dr. Allie Ryan graduated from the University of Georgia with a dual degree in Athletic Training and Exercise and Sports Science. She worked as an assistant athletic trainer at Emmanuel College where she discovered her passion for rehabilitative care. Allie went on to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy with honors from Georgia State University. She has completed peripartum/postpartum and pelvic health training through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute. Allie is the founder of PelviPower located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. She offers 1:1 office, mobile, and virtual services in order to improve access to pelvic health services. 


Allie’s devotion to pelvic health began after the birth of her two children. She struggled with pelvic floor dysfunction herself and discovered the lack of resources and information provided to the general public on a topic that is vital to health and wellness. She is a passionate advocate for breaking down stigmas surrounding pelvic health and empowering people to embrace their bodies throughout this transformative journey called life. As a mother of two, she has a deep understanding of the desire to stay active during pregnancy and postpartum. It is her mission to promote a positive pregnancy experience and pave the way for a smoother postpartum recovery.

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